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Is this all there is to it?

17 Aug website

The Philippines, being an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, is naturally rich of tourist destinations. Locals and foreigners alike are attracted to the vast choices of places to go to in the country. For most people like me, the question is not just about “where to go” but “where to go first?”

Naturally, I browsed the tourism website of the country to see what they have to say or what recommendations will they give to a potential client.

The main website was not at all appealing. The title and logo were not very prominent as it was embedded in a background taken from a beach site. The banner photo was the only nice picture in the site. There was another photo below the banner and apparently, it’s the photo of the tourism secretary with his message. And frankly, this was an eye-sore. For one, it was placed in the top center of the site, second, the message and the photo was just a screenshot making it very hard to read because of the resolution, in addition to its very small font. The hyperlink in blue was also useless because it’s part of the photo. The sidebar was nice and neat but there seems to be an imbalance of content.

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