Tips for first time watchers of UAAP Cheerdance competition

16 Sep

Angel, Eyen and Me at the Big Dome

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The UPI mentor said this is a good cheerdance watching tips article. The class however suggested to have included more tips like letting spectators know that food and drinks can only be bought inside the coliseum, that buying tickets from “unpopular schools” will guarantee tickets and that it would be best to bring your own bottled water because of thirst after screaming.


Quezon City, Philippines Whoah! We did it! I only wish I was seated at the back of the judges!” yells Angel Fernandez, a 24 year-old young professional and alumnus of University of the Philippines (UP) –Diliman after the organizers announced the UP Pep Squad as Champions of this year’s cheerdance competition (CDC). Angel has been an avid fan of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Cheerdance competition since 2002 when she was still a freshman. “I just can’t get enough of it! I love CDC!” adds Angel.

The cheerdance competition is the most awaited event of the students of eight participating schools of the UAAP – University of the Philippines,University of the EastUniversity of Santo TomasDe La Salle UniversityAteneo de Manila UniversityNational UniversityFar Eastern University and Adamson University. It is held annually at the Araneta Coliseum that houses more than 20,000 paying customers.

The venue turns into a battlefield with competitors arrayed with weaponry starting from shirts to flags, tarpaulins and other props all to support their school. Yes, it is the most exhilarating event of the year and you’ll miss half of your college life if you don’t get to attend it once, though you will surely keep coming back once you feel all the energy and excitement brought about by the crowd and the performances of the cheerdance groups.

But before you mark your calendar for your newly discovered adventure, check out the following tips that will seal your way to attending and enjoying the most anticipated event of your college life.

1. Secure a ticket as early as possible

The tickets are distributed to participating schools days before the competition so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements of the availability of the tickets. The following are theticket prices in Araneta.

Patron – P300

Lower Box – P250

Upper Box A – P200

Upper Box B – P100

General Admission – P50

2. Get the best seat

If you are presented with the opportunity of choosing your seat, there are two things to consider what would be the best seat for you. One thing to consider when choosing a seat is to seat where your school has been assigned. This event boosts school spirit and where else would you like to be seated than that where your schoolmates are, right? However, if you don’t mind sitting next to students from other schools, then you might as well sit at the back of the judges which will normally be in seats 202-208, 303-309 and 404-410. These seats will give you a great view of the performance because this is the view of the judges. There are parts of the performance where the dancers rotate but most of the time, their priority is the view of the judges.

3. Arrive at the venue early

The event normally starts at two o’ clock in the afternoon but because it will be flooded with audience all dying to see this much awaited event, then it’s best to be there at least an hour before it starts especially if you have acquired a ticket with an assigned seat. This is because an hour before the event, Araneta sells tickets that are for standing rooms only but it can’t be helped that these viewers still look for a seat that’s already been assigned. So if you don’t want to ask somebody to get out of your seat, then better be there early.

4. Wear your most comfortable attire and keep it simple

The event will be flooded with more than 20,000 people. It is best that you wear the most comfortable outfit you have to survive all the pushing and shoving that can’t be helped in the entrance and exit.

5. Don’t forget your camera

It will surely be a view to behold aside from the fact that you’re up to be entertained. So don’t forget those cameras and if possible, video cameras to capture this thrilling event of the year.

6. Cheer your hearts out! Chant ‘til you drop!

Don’t be such a bore and just sit there and watch while the rest are screaming their lungs out to support their teams! Learn your school chant and join the club of non-stop chanting and yelling!

7. Always be aware of your valuables

With all the excitement, you must always be aware of your valuables. Make sure that you carry your bag when you stand to cheer else you go home disappointed and mad after losing your wallet, cellphone or camera after the event.

8. Be a good sport

This is a very competitive event and you will definitely be hearing trash talks from other students about your school. Remember that it’s all part of the event so don’t take it seriously and just have fun win or lose!


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