What A Good 2009 It Has Been

6 Aug

(Originally Posted on December 23, 2009)

The year 2009 has really been a good one for me.

I guess there are still so many things to thank for in spite of the harsh and bitter realities of life. This was the year i got to stand up on what i thought was right for me. This was the year i got to fight for my happiness. There were so many people who stood in the way but i was unstoppable. This was the year i learned about so many truths concerning the behavior of those around me.

This was the year i spent for ME.

My Psychology professor argued that OTHERS should come first before SELF. According to him, the passion to help others would drive the self into becoming somebody that would be capable of helping others. Self-sacrifice. Oblation. But I’d like to think otherwise. I think that everything should start from the self. It will be useless to think and care about the others if you can’t do anything to help them. I believe that in order for me to give, i should already be full. Before i can help others, i must already be capable of doing so. To do that, i must continue to up skill and aim for optimal performance — Self Actualization.

I would like to believe that even the Lord Jesus Christ thought the same way. He was able to reach his full potential as a GOD which made him think of Others next. He earned the right to become the CHOSEN ONE, the Beloved One, the Savior. For me, love for himself can also be seen in His commandments which are generally categorized into two-Love GOD and your neighbor. He must have gone through so much which he did so excellently that made Him what He is right now. He really is the perfect example of mankind.

So this year, i stood up for what i thought was right and best for me. After all, this is my Life. I refuse to imagine a life seeing all the people i helped grow and reach for their dreams while i am in the corner, too tired to even start over for myself. So I told my family it’s time to save the money i earned for my studies. I have long accepted the fact that they wouldn’t be able to provide even for my basic needs and my progression all depends on me. So after saving more than enough money this year, i resigned from my post as a Supervisor to continue my studies in UP. I think i would have made a lot of accomplishments if i didn’t resign but i did. Why? Because a college diploma can open greener pastures, don’t you agree? I also thought I deserve to finish what I’ve started. And it would be such a loss to miss my college life. Life is too short and i would like to take advantage of all the things i can learn here in my mortal life. And who knows, i may already decide to get married soon. It will all become a new journey for me. It would be nice to start this whole new chapter in my life without any regret or the what ifs.

This year,I also learned that some people don’t change. I have the right to say this because i literally grew up with them. Some people just don’t change even when it’s for the better..even when you explain to them the likely consequences of their decisions that may or may not affect you directly. So with that, i learned to focus all my energy to myself. From time to time, i still manage to bother but i generally just wait for my unsolicited, fearless forecasts to come to life. And say my favorite line, “I told you so..”, just in my mind of course lest there will be another set of endless, non-progressive arguments. Well, i’d rather put a period in this topic now. There are still other things to talk about.

I have undergone an eye operation this year and i am so grateful for it’s success. After unconsciously rubbing my eyes with my hands, i discovered one day that a mass had developed in my left eye. I had this checked by a doctor and i was told that the mass was caused by bacterial infection brought about by rubbing your eyes with your dirty hands. I was not surprised because my hands are always busy especially in the office and i oftentimes forget to sanitize before i rub my eyes. So there. Other than my eyes, i did not have any health problems and i am so grateful for that.

This year, i also had the chance to travel out of town with friends. We went to Baguio on August and stayed there for 3 days. It was a refreshing experience and a good break from all the stress at work.

This year brought a lot of calamities in the country and i am grateful that me and my loved ones were spared. We just had to pray for those who were greatly affected by the typhoons, Fire and also the upcoming outburst of Mayon volcano.

Oh well, 2009 is another year to be thankful for. i am so looking forward of what 2010 is in store for me. I know it will be better. It should. 🙂


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